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International Kuoshu Full Contact Championship - 1980
Classmate the late Candy Loplez made it to the Semi-Finals
without throwing a punch.
Note: Cotton garden gloves were sole protection.

World Games - 1980

Big Brother Mike Riddle at the World Games - 1980

Big Brother Mike Riddle & Shih-Fu Kenneth Ware
at 1st day of World Competition - 1980.

Big Brother Mike Riddle and Shih-Ye Kenneth Ware at the World Games,
an award winning performance - 1980

1st Place in International Tournament for
2 person Broadsword Form.

Group Form win at International Tournament.

Grandmaster Huang with Disciple Swords.

Students with the Late Grandmaster Wang.

Site of International Tournament - 1980,
Where Shih-Ye Kenneth Ware won 3 events and was
the first America to ever do so.

Big Brother M. Riddle and Little Brother J. Dunphy with Shih-Fu Ware - 1980

2nd school where Shih-Ye Kenneth Ware studied Kung-Fu with
Shih-Fu WEE Her Huang.

My first school - 1985

1st School Annual Holiday Dinner - 1985

Shih-Fu WEE Her Huang at Shih-Fu Ware's First School - 1986

Student's Christmas present of famous Chinese artist to Shih-Fu Ware.

Shih-Fu Ware's Competition Team - Late 1980's

Demonstration Team - 1980s

Little Brother Joe Dunphy - 1980

Big-Brother Mike Riddle & Shih-Fu Kenneth Ware
performing 2 person short staff at a demonstration.

Weapon Wall

Trophies on display - this represents only 1/2 of the
trophies won by Shih-Fu Kenneth Ware's students in competition.

Annual school picnic attended by Ms. Ida Wang,
daughter of the late Supreme Grandmaster Wang.

Ms. Ida Wang, daughter of the late Supreme Grandmaster Wang,
in Cincinnati at annual school picnic.

Seminar at Shih-Fu Ware's school - 1990

pole at our school - 1990

Master Wu Men Zer, class Leader
and Shih-Fu Kenneth Ware - Taipei 1990.

Shih-Fu Ware with General Ma - Taipei 1990

Shih-Fu Ware Taipei Park - Taipei 1990

Multiple Grammy Winner, Double Platinum and
Gold album (Midnight Star and Calloway Brothers)
selling R&B/Pop Singer-Songwriter Vincent Calloway
assisting Shih-Fu Ware with a women's Self-Defense Program
held at Hebrew Union College - November 1991

Dalibor - 1990's

Jessica - 1990's

Shih-Fu Ware with competitors from the 1990's

School Mascot - 1990's

Competition Team Members - 1992

Tai-Chi student Dan M. with some of his many trophies.

Dr.Pu was a member of the Bejing University wushu
competition team. He shared his knowledge of Chen Tai-Chi,
Shaolin Wushu, PA-Chi and meditation with Shih-Fu Ware.

1st Tournament that sponsored by the Center - September 1993
Students working the registration booth

Shih-Fu Kenneth Ware was brought onboard with St. Ursula's
Volleyball Team to instruct mental focus and toughness.
Subsequently, they won their 1st state title
after being runner up for years.

Students working at 2nd Tournament sponsored by our Center - 1994

Ho Sung Pak visits our school for a seminar - 1994

Olympic-Marathoner & Tai-Chi Student Julie Isphording - 1998

1st World Tai-Chi Day event ever held in Cincinnati - April 10, 1999
Hosted by our Center at Daniel Drake Park

Shih-Fu Ware and older Brother Mike Riddle
threw a 25-30lb. bag similar to these 1000 times
daily for a 2-3 year period.

Shih-Fu Kenneth Ware and classmates - July 24, 2001

Shih-Fu WEE Her Huang, Shih-Fu Kenneth Ware and Faheem Sharif.

Shih-Fu WEE Her Huang with Jesse Walker, the late Candy Loplez
and Shih-Fu Kenneth Ware

64th Generation Shih-Fu WEE Her Huang,
picutred with 65th Generation Shih-Fu Ware, Yuan-Ai Kenneth and the
new 66th Generation (Heng) Disciples - April 10, 2004

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